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18th February 2018 

What is Counselling?
Counselling is a 'talking therapy' the aim of which is to help a client help themselves. This is achieved by a number of means:
1) Providing the opportunity to talk - there is no doubt about it, talking about a problem is therapeutic. Talking in a secure and confidential setting without fear of judgement or reprisals, will benefit most as you will not feel restricted or inhibited about what to say.
2) Thinking through issues on your own can cause a 'brain spin', - a whirl of thoughts. You go round and round in circles and just don't seem to get anywhere. Counselling can help you unravel your thoughts and make sense of them.
3) Counselling can help you understand yourself better. It can help you understand your own feelings and behaviours and make decisions about whether you want to change them
4) Counselling can help with practical strategies for change
5) Counselling can help you come to terms with things that cannot be changed, including the past

What Conditions Can it Help
Counselling can really be of benefit to you whatever your problems are.
Particularly it can help with difficulties in:
Relationships - past and present
Couple Counselling
Coping with Crisis
Depression, Stress and Anxiety
Self Esteem and Self Image
Decision Making and Future Planning

What Benefits can be Expected?

I want my clients to feel better!
I believe they can feel more confident, more secure, more resolved, more positive as a result of counselling
I also believe they can have a better understanding of themselves and feel more resourced to make a positive future